5 Best Books About Productivity

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May 29, 2022
5 Best Books About Productivity

On Writing Well by William Zinsser

Being able to communicate your ideas to an audience is key in your journey to getting more done for less.

Whether its:

  • an email
  • a piece of copy for a landing page
  • a tiktok caption
  • scripting a video
  • or asking for a raise.

In the book he talks about the process of writing and rewriting. William gives the readers a process for writing more effectively. My favorite quote is "no matter the job, no matter the level, be yourself when you write."

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Atomic Habits by James Clear

This ones pretty popular but I had include it. James clear talks about how to built better habits in 4 simple steps.

  • Make it obvious
  • make it attractive
  • make it easy
  • make it satisfying He says "the ultimate purpose of habits is to solve the problems of life with as little energy and effort as possible"

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Remote by Jason Fried

  • Remote showed people how to effectively work from home before it became a requirement.
  • Jason speaks about best practices for working from home and how to get more done in your day with less distraction.
  • Don't send a slack message if you don't need the answer right now. Shut off your notifications and focus!

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Cracking the PM career by Jackie Bavard

  • This book is intended for a product manager, but the concepts covered should be applied to any profession.
  • This book is a gold mine of frameworks for prioritizing work and how to use your time effectively.
  • As someone who builds software for a living, being able to ruthlessly prioritize what to work on is a MUST!.
  • the author even talks about how to face procrastination
  • face whatever your putting off
  • be honest with yourslef about why its uncomfortable
  • identify one easy step.

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