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Top 4 Tips for Product Managers


Focus on being a knowledge sponge

  • You don’t know what you don’t know
  • Technology moves quickly and you need to be able to stay ahead. This is done by reading articles online, following the right folks on twitter, observing what other companies are doing, and staying in the know.

The famed investor Charlie Munger talks about this at length in his book The Tao of Charlie Munger


Twitter is an excellent source for tech news. Here's a list of must follows:

Beyond that Lenny from the list above has a great Substack where he shares weekly advice about "product, growth, working with humans, and anything else that stresses you out at the office."

Prioritize Outcomes, not Output.

So often you get caught up in whats called a feature factory. You want to focus on the next thing, you want to make something to impress your peers.. What really matters is thinking about the impact the work will make. Not what you get to ship.

Don’t praise shipping. That’s just the beginning of it.

Read more about feature factories here


Business isn’t personal

This one is always hard. Humans are emotional beings. Even engineers! Although IQ may be higher than EQ...

If you’re in a disagreement about something remember that it’s not personal. This is business. It’s hard but most of the time you need to remember that.

I speak more about that in this video...

Get more technical

Having more technical acumen helps you in a number of ways. Being able to communicate more effectively with your technical peers (engineers) is a key to shipping high impact work.

You can learn a ton by listening to podcasts like Ladybug Podcast or doing a track on Codecademy.

Here's a screenshot of what my home page looks like on codecademy. As you can see I'm starting the front end career path. I'm using the PRO version which is $120 I believe.


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I also have a video covering this same topic here:

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