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Product Manager Crash Course Announcement


OH NO. Another COURSE!

Yeah thats what I think when I see someone launching a course. It makes me cringe- but I had a lot of people ask for it, and I have some free time over the next few weeks so why not give poeple what they want!


There were a TON of comments on an old video I made about How I became a product manager without any formal education or experience. I'm going to have some fun putting this info together once I get back from Italy and get into the studio :).

It's not set in stone (the curriculum) however I think the following topics make sense.

Current Topics:

  • Pm Mindset
  • Types of PM
  • How do Products get Built
  • Tools & Skillset
  • Frameworks
  • How to come up with new work
  • Design for PM's
  • Development for PM's
  • Implementing your Product work
  • How to work with analytics
  • Whats next

I posted a YouTube video yesterday about it and already got a few signups. If you ARE interested in joining, I'll offer a discounted rate for folks who signup before July.

Here's the link to signup

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