Inspired by Marty Cagan


Parker Rex


Nov 2, 2020


Author: [[Marty Cagan]]

Tags: #Inbox #[[Product Manager]]

Type: #Books

Status: #Read

Source: #Hardcover

  • Focus on outcome not output
  • Key responsibilities of [[PM]]
  • Deep knowledge of the #customerIssues, pains, desires, how they think, work, and decide to buy.
  • Deep knowledge of the data
  • starts day with half hour in the data, what were people doing last 24 hours?
  • Deep knowledge of the business
  • understanding stakeholder issues and solving them.
  • Deep knowledge of the industry comp
  • Overcommunicate efforts
  • No such thing as over communicating things.
  • Learn by following industry leaders
  • Typical product roadmaps are all about output. Yet, good teams are asked to deliver business results.
  • Typical roadmaps are the root cause of most waste and failed efforts in product organiziations.
  • Triangle of technical feasability, usability, and business value.
  • Even when an idea is good, typically it takes several iterations to get the execution of this idea to the point where it delivers the expected business value that management was hoping for.
  • Time to money = iterations it takes to point where it delivers the expected business value.
  • Features must solve business problems (measured by key results); otherwise, the team needs to try a different approach to the solution.
  • Ask executives and our stakeholders to give us a little time in product discovery to the investigate the necessary solution.
  • We need time to validate that solution with customers to ensure it has the necessary value and usability, with engineers to ensure its feasibility , and with our stakeholders to ensure it is available for our business.
  • Obsess over customers, not over competitors.
  • Communicate strategy across the org.