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How to use Roam Research Templates


Today is a quick explainer on how to use Roam Research’s new feature called templates.

Its really good if you have a dialy prompt or for metadata.

You used to have to create your own page and reference it.

They just released it on December 30th.

Jump into roam and open roam/templates as it’s own page. This is very similar to the roam/css page when in use for themes.

Here is the email from the founder:


As you can see that you’re just referencing whatever you put into the roam templating page. This is super similar to using a text expander.

All you need to do is go to roam/templates, and type in whatever it is that you want to use as a prompt.


Next all you need to do is press ;; to bring up all the triggers for templates. As you can see it auto suggests the templates that you have.

That’s it.

To recap

  • Go to roam/templates
  • Create a block for whatever you want to use as a template
  • Reference the template on any page using ;;

It’s amazing to see how quickly Roam Research iterates. Thats got to be a great way they built community.