Create GIFS in 2 Minutes

Learn how to make GIFS Fast.


Parker Rex


Nov 5, 2020

Let's talk about GIFs. Gifs are the easiest way to communicate on the internet. What's a gif? Its a tiny little video that is embeddable. What makes it special? You can easily embed them in emails, texts and they auto play. The autoplay piece is important because you can't expect folks to play your marketing videos.

ps. if you're a marketer looking for good emails, read until the end because I have a great swipe file you should check out.

I work in product management making apps and websites for a living so Im constantly creating demos of the software I make.

I used to have to:

1. go to quicktime

2. Record a video to a .mov or a .mp4

3. Open up the file in photoshop

4. Convert it to frames

5. Export it as a web legacy file.

.....That's a total pain in the ass.

The other option for that was to go to giphy cat and convert the screen recorded movie file.

The reality is that theres a way better way to do this. You just grab the native app called GIPHY capture. GIPHY is the company that powers your gifs if you use slack, or even the messages app in apple.

Now that you have it downloaded, open it up.

Once you open up giphy capture you just drag the frame around whatever you want to create a gif for. Click the record button and voila. You've just created a GIF. This can be embedded into emails, sent in texts and wherever.

If this wasn't helpful, check out the YouTube Video I made covering the technique.

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