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Audit Amplitude Events


disclaimer: this assumes you have a basic understanding of amplitude instrumentation. You need to have a basic event taxonomy setup and in place before testing this.

Why it matters..

If you're building without recording.. whats the point.

You're flying blind.

You need to track every event that a user takes.

Maybe you got Amplitude just now, or you're trying to learn about it. Congrats! I recently paid a company $30,000 to do this for me.

I'd rather save you the money and show you how to do double check your events.

Download the Amplitude Chrome extension and Pin it!

  1. Go to this link
  2. Download it!
  3. Pin it to your Browser
chrome store
google extension

Start Testing!

  1. Click thru user flows
  2. Notice the amplitude event tool tracking
  3. Take note of whats working and whats not.
Event explorer

This exercise should take a few hours based on how many events you have in place.

I hope this helps!

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