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How to Audit Amplitude in 2 Minutes - Save $30,000 doing this

Amplitude tracking can be tricky to set up. Make sure you're getting the most out of your implementation with this google chrome extension.


Parker Rex


Aug 7, 2020

The internet is a much more enjoyable place when you give users what they need. Products like Amplitude give product management the ability to audit their product. Amplitude is used by companies like Instacart, Nbcuniversal, Capitalone, Paypal etc.

Maybe you just got amplitude or you're trying to learn about it. Let's learn how to audit your implementation. I had to pay a company $30k over the span of 4 months to learn this trick.

Step 1. Download the Amplitude Chrome Extension

To start auditing your amplitude setup, you'll need to install the Amplitude Instrumentation Explorer, which you can do here.

Step 2: Pin it to your Browser

Once it's installed, it'll start working immediately to track how amplitude is setup. If you don't see the extension you can pin it to your browser.

Step 3: Start Auditing your Amplitude Setup

And you're done!

With the amplitude extension activated, you'll be able to easily see every event and all the property events associated. Start cruising around your site to see if its set up like you think it should be. If you need more help, feel free to find me on Twitter.

Pro Tip: See how your competitors are dealing with events using amplitude. It doesn't mean they're doing it right, but its good to gather as much information as you can!