I'm Parker Rex. Learning by doing is my thing..

I have a bias towards action. Let's do a brief review of my trailing 15 years - 29 as I write this.

  • Age 14:Taught chemistry on YouTube as “Parker the Pyro”. Eg. How to make flash powder, how to make black powder, how to make thermite, how to make red iron oxide using electrolysis, how to how to make rockets out of sugar, How to make your own Fuses, How to Make Mortar Shells, How to Make a Remote Detonator with a Flash Camera, How to make KNO3 (potassium nitrate), How to grow nitrate crystals, How to make small rockets using sugar as fuel.
  • Age 15: Modding Counter Strike 1.6 and Garry's mods servers and hosting my own servers. Covered costs selling admin slots.
  • Age 17-21: Got obsessed with music production using Ableton Live, Sylenth1. Also began designing more online.
  • Age 21-28: Joined my friend on his journey of delivering pizzas or fancy restaurants. This turned into building a bootstrapped food delivery company called Delivery Dudes. We'd go on to grow it from a small office above a restaurnat to operating in multiple states, doing thousands of orders per day. Learned product development, product design, operations, software engineering. We'd go on to sell the company.