About Me


Parker Rex

Creator of Products
Planet Earth

Hey, I'm a product enthusiast with 7 years of product experience. 2 in design, 2 as PM, 3 as VP Product. VP Product to me meant getting in the weeds in figma, writing pitches, hiring engineers, working in amplitude, occasionally pushing commits, running 5 pods, and sitting on the executive team. A wide array.

I started with a copy of photoshop designing flyers and print materials for Delivery Dudes. We needed apps so I figured out how to design them. My first apps sucked. Funny enough the first app I helped design is still in production used by thousands of delivery drivers.

A few years and a few more production apps later, I was dubbed the almighty role of PM. I still designed all the products. Eventually the CTO of Delivery Dudes resigned and I took the helm as VP of Product. I held that position for 3 years until I resigned. Delivery Dudes was acquired by WAITR in June of 2021. Post acquisition I worked with our VP Engineering to put together a plan to merge Delivery Dudes, Bitesquad and Waitr tech stacks. It was similar to this one done by DoorDash and Caviar.

Right now I'm traveling, coding, and making YouTube videos. I am open for consulting just shoot me an email.

Want more details? Download my resume.


ps. Also.. did I mention I make YouTube videos?