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Delivery Dudes

What you get access to when you partner with me?

I've built a great network of partners I trust to get your dream built.

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Software Engineering

I've worked with several engineering teams over the last 7 years. There are a lot of scams out there. The incentive model is NOT in favor of the client. I cut that out and bring you trusted teams.

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Product Management

Building product is HARD. What are we going to build? Why are we going to build it? What's the most important thing? Are we actually building something people want? 

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UI & UX Design

Design is an integral piece to building a product or service people want to use. If you're not making it easy to use, people won't adopt it. We have a team of amazing designers available.

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Network of Marketers

I have a rolodex of skilled marketers for social & direct response marketers. Need to blow up your brand and have a budget? I make the intros.

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Recruiting Help

Recruiting is a pain in the ass. I've worked with 8 recruitment firms and built relationships with a few great individuals.

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Lead Gen & Scrapers

Need to find buyers? Sellers? We start manual then put a python (computer) scraper in place to automate the process and scale.

People say nice things.

Whenever I work with people I try to find out what their goals are and what makes them happy. From there we align incentives and outcomes to be mutually beneficial.

Parker is a professional who get's the job done. No matter the topic, Parker will determine the who/what/why and express the results in a clear and effective manner. There is no limit to his determination to learn a new concept, and using his derived knowledge, provide the best user experience possible. Parker is a pleasure to work with and it has been a true privilege working closely with him on several products.

Kayle Gishen
CTO at Neon Influx

"In my past 2 years and half at Delivery Dudes as Senior Software Engineer, I have had the pleasure of working alongside Parker Rex. He has led and supported the product/engineering team to implement cutting edge products with elegant and creative designs. With his passion for perfection and dedication to improvement, we have completed over 20 quality product and projects during this period. With his upbeat personality and unmatched charisma, he has not only led the team to success but also created a friendly and welcoming working environment. I highly recommend Parker Rex and I trust he will continue succeed in all of his future endeavors."

John De Jesus
Sr. Engineering Manager at Waitr Inc.

"I've had the pleasure of working with Parker for over five years. In that time, I've witnessed his drive and determination propel him from Freelance Designer to VP of Product here at Delivery Dudes. What I admire most about Parker is that he's both a sponge and a chameleon. I have worked in this industry for many years, and I have never met someone with such a thirst for knowledge and extraordinary talent to pivot and adapt to changing situations. Parker has also invested a great deal of time an energy into understanding what makes a great leader. While he is firm in his beliefs, he always keeps an open mind. It is traits like this that have helped him become the influential and respected leader he is today."

Bryan Waterman
Creative Manager at Waitr Inc.